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Jason is THE BEST hands down at credit repair and restoration. His process is easy, reasonable and he is VERY knowledgeable of his craft. Several years ago I used him and he was able to increase my score from the low 500s to a 750s in less than 6 months!! Most recently I had to file bankruptcy due to a divorce.. I needed to purchase a vehicle. He coached me through the process on exactly what to do and now I'm in my DREAM CAR a 2019 Jeep Wrangler, FULLY LOADED with 0 money down!! Jason is THE TRUTH!.

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Elexsis Rambo

Thanks to Jason I was finally able to purchase my first home. He did a phenomenal job with fixing my credit. I've struggled for many years with bad credit and that's no longer a problem. I am truly thankful for Jason he made it possible for me to have an excellent credit score.

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Damiel Millender

"If your looking to repair your credit I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Jason! He's efficient, works fast and very knowledgeable! My husband and I were looking to increase our credit within 4 months. Our goal was to purchase a new car. I wasnt sure if our timeline was realistic but Jason assured us and got it done! He's an excellent communicator and very resourceful! We followed his suggestions and it worked like a charm! A few months later my husband surprised with a new car! "

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Mrs. Toy Laster

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