You may owe money. You may be in over your head. Sometimes it’s the result of medical expenses or unemployment. Sometimes it’s poor money management.  Great Score Now Credit and Debt Counselors work with you to determine the best options for getting relief from the financial pressure you are experiencing. They do this by:

  • Offer solutions to your current financial problems.

  • Advising you on how to manage your debt.

  • Developing a personalized plan to help you prevent future difficulties.


Live the life you deserve.

Great Score Now is your source for credit repair and above all, the education of our clients to ensure once their scores are restored that we equip them with the proper resources and tools to succeed in life and ow to maintain the life they deserve. 

You need a steady work record and continued residence at the same address. If you do not have a checking account, open one and be careful not to bounce checks. You may apply for credit at a local department store or credit union. You might also consider a secured credit card, which requires you to deposit money as security for the charges you make on the card.